PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS iPhone 5/6: Simplest Way (Recommended)

Pubg Mobile Lite is now available for iOS devices like iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/6 in the USA, and the UK. PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS is a lite version of the original PUBG Mobile which is developed for low specifications Mobile devices.

Pubg Mobile lite is the compressed version that is developed by lowing down the game size. Developers optimize the graphics and game-play of the PUBG mobile lite. Now you can play PUBG mobile lite on iOS devices like iPhone 4/5/6 which is good news for iPhone 5 users read below to download.

PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS
PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS

PUBG Mobile Lite on iOS iphone: Requirements

  1. A device with at least 2 GB RAM
  2. Stable network
  3. 1 GB storage

Why should you Play PUBG Mobile lite iOS?

If you have a lower-end device like iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, then maybe even if you able to install the game on it you will not able to play it smoothly. This is the reason why you should play PUBG Mobile lite in your iOS devices.

You will get most of the features like normal PUBG Mobile with smoother graphics. Some of the features will vary like number of players and damage of weapons.


There are so lots of new things which is develop for devices like Iphone 5 and 2GB ram users. Lets have a look what is new in PUBG Mobile lite for iOS.

1. Lower Graphics

The PUBG Mobile lite has lower graphics which is specially for low end devices like Iphone 5, Iphone 6, Iphone 4s, Redmi 4a and Other 2GB RAM users. Also the option to change the graphics setting is removed.

It has decent graphics which is very good for 2GB RAM devices. It will reduce the lag while giving you the best experience of playing pubg even on low-end iOS devices.

2. 60 Players in Game

The Game-play will be only of 60 player which will end in approximately 10 mins. You have to kill the 56 rest players to get the chicken dinner. The circle time will be short which will make the game-play faster.

3. 8 Players in Arcade Mobile

PUBG mobile lite also has arcade mode which will have only 4 opponent players. Arcade mode in this version will have only total 8 players. This will give you experience like you are playing DEATHMATCH like PUBG MOBILE.

4. Reduced Recoil

The recoil of the weapons like AR, Sub-machine guns and Sniper is lower down. The low recoil will make you able to hit long shots using AR and Submachine guns even by using Red-dot or Holographic.

5. Reduced Health Damage

The bullet damage is lower down which will take long time to kill the enemy. In simple words health damage is reduce down. You have to hit so many bullets to knock down the enemy. EXAMPLE: You will take 15+ bullets to knock the enemy and 25+ to fully kill them.

6. Small Map Size

The MAP size is very small in all of the other version of pubg. The most active place to land is “DOWNTOWN” and Sinkland. These map is specially for the 10 mins. short time game-play.

PUBG mobile lite Map size

7. RPG – New Weapon

The new weapon i.e., RPG will be available through the Airdrop with 4 RPG bullets. You can blast down your opponent enemy using this Rocket launcher.


After all these is the very cool weapon for long range bombing to wipe down the squad.

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE on iOS Iphone 5/6

The Lite version is not released for iOS iPhone but you can still play it on iOS. After available on the Appstore you can download pubg mobile lite on ios iPhone.

General Way

  1. Goto Appstore
  2. Search for PUBG MOBILE
  3. Install it on your device.

Alternative Way

  1. Install “Android Simulator/Emulator”
    1. TutuApp (Recommended)
    2. iAndroid
    3. Alien Dalvik Emulator
    4. GAB4iOS
    5. iNDS
    6. Bluestacks
  2. Open Play store/Direct install APK.
  3. Install it
  4. And Play

Download PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS

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Release date PUBG Mobile lite for iOS

The release date of Pubg Mobile Lite for iOS iPhones is January of 2021. Till then you have to use the alternative way to download the PUBG MObile lite for iOS

If these Doesn’t Work you can Play PUBG PC LITE on your Macbook also. If the above method doesn’t work, Please be calm we will inform you when another method is available. Subscribe to our newsletter or Push Notifications.

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