Best GUIDE to Ancient Temple Puzzles in PUBG Mobile.

By | August 6, 2020

Have you got a problem in solving the Ancient Temple Puzzles in PUBG mobile, Here I am going to tell you about How can you solve the Ancient Temple Puzzle in the first try.

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What is Ancient Temple in PUBG?

As we all knows, PUBG mobile constantly surprises players by introducing new events in their updates.

What is Ancient Temple in PUBG?
What is Ancient Temple in PUBG?

In this new update, PUBG mobile introduces a new event which is “Ancient Temple”. In this update, lots of interesting things are there.

The Ancient Temple event has 3 Ancient temples and several small Ancient temples. After some time the 3 Big Ancient Temples can float into the air, and after some time automatically got disappears.

This update is based upon the ancient history of Egypt Temples and Egyption gods.

How to solve Ancient Temple Puzzles?

In this Ancient Temple Puzzles which is placed in random locations of all over the Erangel Map, GOLDEN Crates are there which has Weapons and Ammos.

#1 Rotate the 3 Wheels

If you enter the small room like the structure of the Ancient Temple, you will find a puzzle to solve.

In rotate the wheel game, you have to align the direction of wheels according to the pictures given below the puzzle.

Rotate the 3 Wheels
Puzzle before solving it

#2 Answer the Questions

  1. Go near the Ancient Temple PUZZLES
  2. Click on Answer
  3. Give your Answer (Don’t worry you can try again if you were wrong)
  4. If the answer is right the Golden Crate will be Opened.
Answer the Questions Ancient Temple Puzzle
Answer the Questions Ancient Temple Puzzle

#3 Flip the 4 Cards

In this puzzle there are two main things, Images in below the Puzzle and Cards.

  1. Go near the puzzle
  2. Click on Press
  3. Flip in the same manner the images are given below.
  4. For example: In the below pic, the dog should be flipped first, As the image of the dog is there.
  5. Then, cat should be flipped, and so on.
Flip the 4 Cards Ancient Temple Puzzle

If you flipped in the same manner given below the image then, the puzzle will be solved and GOLDEN CRATE will open as reward.

#4 Dots vs Flower 3×3 (like ticktacktoe)

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Defeating the Guardian of Ancient Temple

You can find the Guardian of Ancient Temple in the top floor of the Ancient Temple. There is a door which can be only open when the temple is floating in air.

After the door is open you can go inside the room where TWO KEYS are there to activate the Guardian of Ancient Temple.

Defeating the Guardian of Ancient Temple
Defeating the Guardian of Ancient Temple

Tips before Activating the Guardian of Ancient Temple:

  1. Boost yourselves with Painkillers, and Energy Drinks.
  2. Make sure you have enough ammo
  3. Take high Damage gun
  4. Go with your team

Once you activate the Guardian, He will damage you and try to kill you. Also some snakes will be spawned. By killing this snakes you can get ammos.

Best GUIDE to Ancient Temple Puzzles in PUBG Mobile.

If you want to heal go in the yellow light which will appear in the middle of fight.

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