Download PUBG Mobile Lite in Android/iOS

Hello readers, In this article we are looking for How to download PUBG Mobile Lite in android phone. Lets get start.

The Tencent is constantly optimizes there games. But still the normal PUBG Mobile requires more hardware specifications and a high end mobile devices. The 2 GB ram mobile users are not able to play PUBG due to the higher requirements of graphics.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite in Android/iOS

Hence the Tencent developed a new version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground for the low end mobile devices. This game can run on 2 GB ram mobile and requires very low space of 500mb.

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How to download PUBG mobile lite.

The game is still not officially release in India, How ever we can still download and play the game.

As it is before the actual date you will need to use a VPN service.

Steps to install the PUBG Mobile lite.

  • 1: First of all download the PUBG Mobile Lite XAPK from here.
  • 2: Change its extension from XAPK to ZIP. (It will be our data file)
  • 3: UnZip the file we renamed
  • 4: Install the PUBG Mobile lite APK from it ( Don’t Open Game)
  • 5: Select the data file from Android folder and move it to Android>>OBB>>
  • 6: Download Power VPN for free
  • 7: Set the Country to Brazil or Philippines
  • 8: Create a Account
  • 9: Launch and Enjoy the game.

Note Size of PUBG Mobile lite is 394.5 Megabytes also it only requires 2 GB of ram with a decent processor. Using VPN may lower your download speed but it worth it.

Still Confused? Watch these Video

You may receive higher amount of ping while playing the game. This is because the VPN you are using. I still suggest you to wait for the official game of PUBG which is going to release in next month,

PUBG Mobile lite Size and Requirements

PUBG Mobile lite is a toned version of the normal PUBG Mobile which requires higher graphics. Due to this lots of low end mobile users are not able to play PUBG.

But now after Brazil and Philippines it is releasing in India on JULY of 2019. You can still download using VPN.

Size of PUBG mobile lite

Size of PUBG Mobile Lite is 394.5 MB which will release officially in next month. It requires minimum 2 GB of your device with decent quality processor. If you can play Free fire on your device then you can play PUBG Mobile also on same device.

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