Pubg Lite Mobile Available Countries List – Check yours!

Pubg lite mobile available countries list is here. Check for your country below.

Pubg Lite Mobile is now officially available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and also beta test is running in other countries.

Pubg Lite Mobile Available Countries List

Pubg Lite Mobile is Expanding their player base all over the world and releasing for users which have less specs in their device. The PUBG Lite Mobile can run on very low end 2 GB RAM mobile device.

However this version is still not available for all countries as the beta test is running. After the successful beta testing the Pubg Lite Mobile will be officially launched for all the users to download.

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When will available for India?

The release date of PUBG Mobile lite is not decided yet. However if you still want to play! You have to use VPN and Connect to the country’s server where pubg mobile lite is available.

The PUBG mobile lite is likely releasing in JULY of 2019.

You can find helpful information in these article: How to download pubg lite before release?

Available Countries List PUBG lite mobile

Country Name Availability Release date
Bangladesh Beta Test 14 February
9 Brunei Beta Test 14 February
Cambodia YES 14 February
Laos YES 14 February
Myanmar YES 14 February
Indonesia YES 14 February
Malaysia YES 14 February
Philippines YES 14 February
Singapore YES 14 February
Thailand YES 14 February
Taiwan YES 28th of March
Hongkong YES 28th of March
Macau  YES 28th of March
Brazil  YES 23rd of May
Turkey  YES 23rd of May
Afghanistan NO Get Notified
Bhutan NO  
India Beta Test July 2019
Maldives NO  
Nepal NO  
Pakistan NO  
Sri Lanka NO  
Algeria NO  
Azerbaijan NO  
Bahrain NO  
Egypt NO  
Iraq NO  
Morocco NO  
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya NO  
Israel NO  
Jordan NO  
Kuwait NO  
Lebanon NO  
Oman NO  
Palestine NO  
Qatar NO  
Saudi Arabia NO  
Syrian Arab Republic NO  
Tunisia NO  
United Arab Emirates NO  
Yemen NO  
Anguilla NO  
Argentina NO  
Bahamas NO  
Aruba NO  
Barbados NO  
Bolivia NO  
Belize NO  
Cayman Islands NO  
Suriname NO  
Virgin Islands NO  
Trinidad and Tobago NO  
Uruguay NO  
Saint Lucia NO  
Puerto Rico NO  
Peru NO  
Dominica NO  
French Guiana NO  
El Salvador NO  
Ecuador NO  
Dominican Republic NO  
Costa Rica NO  
Colombia NO  
Paraguay NO  
Panama NO  
Mexico NO  
Martinique NO  
Jamaica NO  
Honduras NO  
Haiti NO  
Guyana NO  
Guatemala NO  
Grenada NO  
Chile NO  

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