PUBG PC releases Patch Report 30! Check what is in update?

Welcome to PUBG PC Update Patch Report 30. This is a big update so read carefully.

Because you can now reach places you never could before with the new ledge grab feature. Prepare yourself for some intense handheld firepower with the introduction of the Deagle handgun.

Get ready to go amphibious when you call in the BRDM-2 armored assault all terrain vehicle with a flare gun and communicate more efficiently with your team using radio messages! There’s a lot to cover in Update 30, so let’s get right into it.

New Weapon: Deagle Handgun

Deagle is semi-automatic hand gun uses .45 calibre ammo and can blast out 7 rounds and 10 if you have an extended magazine.

Since it can take down even a level 3 helmet with two headshots. If you have good Aiming practise and controls you can take down a whole sqaud with single Extended magazine.

BRDM-2 all terrain vehicle

PUBG PC developers were going to be doing something special with the flare gun vehicle in the future. Lucky combatants who manage to call down the amphibious BRDM2 can bypass bridges altogether! You can run the enemy over in your new BRDM-2 and kill them, that works too.

PUBG PC releases Patch Report 30! Check what is in update?

This truly all-terrain vehicle which replaces the previous Armored UAZ, and has significantly increased durability from its Indestructible Tyres, Damage Reducing Armor, and Much Higher Overall Health.

These update is releases with the Erangel 2.0 version. Check out about Erangel 2.0 here.

New Ledge Grab feature

PUBG players can now reach all new places at top, and set up ambushes from places they never could before with the all new Ledge Grab feature.

Watch what is new Ledge grab feature?

Dropping down to a lower balcony to get the edge in a firefight, or jumping up to a hard-to-reach rock outcropping to make a perfect sniper’s nest are within your now sizeable reach. And of course, jumping from rooftop to rooftop just got a whole lot more useful.

Efficient Radio Messages

For fans who want additional flexibility in how they communicate with their squads. Hence PUBG adding what we call Radio Messages to Patch 30 updates that started last patch with Tactical Map Markers.

PUBG PC releases Patch Report 30! Check what is in update?

You’ll now be able to clearly converse with your teammates using a basic package of 8 messages. So not only can you actively ping items for your squad mates’ looting delights. Also you’ll also be able to apologize for firing off that errant shot alerting enemies to your squad’s presence.

Ignitable Gas Cans

A new vehicle, a new gun and new ways to navigate your squad through a firefight, makes for quite the update, but we’ve got one more explosively cool thing for the fans.

Because you asked for it, gas cans can now be used as ignitable explosives. If you shoot up the Gas can it will explode and can Knock out the enemy or your friend too. Gas can be exploded by the explosion of other gas can.

This is all about the PUBG Pc patch report 30, Now pack your parachutes and have a great “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner“.

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