Unsafe Places In PUBG Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar and Sanhok

The playerunknown’s battleground is becoming the most favorite game around the globe. Everybody wants to have a Chicken Dinner by winning the game. For this you must be alive and survive till end. Check for these Unsafe places in pubg all maps.

Also check Places where you can find Flare GUN!

For those players, who want to play Aggressive and attacking game this places are suitable.

Those who want to play safe these place is not safe to play.

Unsafe Places In Erangel

  • Pochinki

Pochinki is known for the ambushes and intense fire fights. You can get knock out by someone hiding on the buildings or in the balcony.

  • Novo

Novo also is known for the containers and flare guns. It is the second favorite place of aggressive players.

  • School

School is present in the center of the Erangel Map. This is the reason it can be very dangerous place to stay.

  • Sosnovka Militarу Base

Every pubg player know these place for the ambushes. Every pro player is lands once in the military base. It has a tallest tower which is helpful for sniping.

  • Georgopol

Georgopol is a place of containers which is situated at the seashore. These place is adjacent to the georgopol city and you can easily get flare gun here.

  • Yasnaуa Polуana
Unsafe Places In Erangel

Unsafe Places In Miramar

  • Pecado
  • Hacienda
  • del patrón
  • Power grid
  • Los leones
  • El pozo

In fact the Miramar is the largest map in the PUBG Mobile and PC. These map is for sniping and long range fights.

 Unsafe Places In Miramar

Unsafe Places In Sanhok

  • Bootcamp
  • Paradise
  • Camp Charlie
  • Camp Bravo
  • Ruins

The sanhok is the best place to camp and survive although it is the smallest map in the pubg. It has lots of Unsafe places to land and survive. See the image below

 Unsafe Places In Sanhok

Unsafe Places In Vikendi

  • Villa
  • Castle
  • Podvosto
  • Goroka

These are the most unsafe places in pubg to land and survive. If you are a aggressive player then these place is for you, but if you want to play safe and survive till end these place is not for you.

I hope you understand these article, share with your friends and let them also know about these.

thanks for reading.

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