PUBG Flare Gun Locations in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi Map

Every pubg player want Flare gun and know the importance of it. Flare gun is a red gun which is use to get a airdrop. Flare Gun is the rarest item and hard to find in all maps. ( Everyone wants to know Pubg flare gun locations in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi

Here I will tell you some places where you can find flare gun. Check about BRDM2 – Flare gun Vehicle

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Best Places In Erangel

My personal favorite Flare gun locations in Erangel are Novo and Mylta Power. But some of other locations where you can get flare gun are..

Best Places In Erangel
  • Novorepnoye

The Novo is known for the containers situated at the cost near the Military base. You will definitely find a flare gun here.

  • Sosnovka Military Base

Sosnovaka Military Base is the most favorite place of most pubg players. You can definitely get a flare gun in the C buildings or the nearby areas.

  • Georgopol

Georgopol is known as a HOTDROP and high chances for getting 2-3 flare guns in single time. Beware while going to georgopol there can be ambush so play it safe.

  • Mylta Power and Factory

It is my personal favorite place to land. I got flare gun here lots of times. Once I got 3 flare guns in single time.

These places have high chances of getting 2 or more flare guns. While some of other places below which have low risk of getting killed. Which are..

  • Primosk
  • School Building
  • Stalbar
  • Zharki
  • Severny

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Flare gun locations In Sanhok

Sanhok is known for the greenery and grass. It is the second most favorite map of players. To get a chicken dinner everyone wants a flare gun which will bring good armors and Guns; sometimes ghille suite.

Flare gun locations In Sanhok

Some of the best flare gun locations are

  • Khao

Nearby the Khao you can get flare guns but lots of players will land here so you can get knocked by someone, so make sure there is no one.

  • Bootcamp

Most of ambush takes place here, it is also known for a hotdrop. You will get lot of good loot here. If you want to develop your gaming skill these place is for you.

  • Camp Charlie
  • Docks
  • Ban Tai
  • Sahmee
  • Camp Bravo
  • Ha Tinh
  • Kampona

Flare gun locations In Vikendi

The places which have highest possibilities of having flare gun are here. If you are playing in Vikendi Map here are the flare gun locations.

PUBG Flare Gun Locations in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi Map
  • Dobro mesto

These is the best place to land as well as to find flare gun.

  • Cement Factory

These is also best place, here you can get good loots and guns. It is also best place for finding Flare gun. (

  • Cosmodrome
  • Dino Park
  • Milnar (nearby)
  • Winery and Villa

Best Place in Miramar

  • El Pozo
  • San Martin
  • Los Hegos
  • Puerto Paraisa
  • El Azahar
  • Las Leones
  • Chumacera
  • Monte Nuevo
  • Minos Generoles
  • Camp Militar

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