Pubg Pc Lite VS Pubg Emulator Comparision| Check Which Is Better?

Tencent releases PUBG PC lite on 24th January 2019 for beta testing. Since it is available for so many countries now including India. PUBG PC lite is released for the PC players with free of cost. So many peoples are using PUBG Emulator for playing. Here are some points for why a pubg emulator player should play PUBG PC lite in the article of PUBG PC LITE vs PUBG EMULATOR.

First Know What is PUBG Emulator?

Basically in simple words, PUBG Emulator is an android application emulator which runs the android application using windows application. For these the Emulator will take more resources to run.

These Emulator is use to run the PUBG Mobile app on your Desktop. These will make the feeling of PUBG PC version but it is also laggy and heats up your PC faster.

Why Game Lags on Emulators?

Emulator will take half of the resources for Emulator itself then it takes resources for game. So the emulator will take more resources and that is why the game on emulators becomes laggy. To avoid these the Tencent developers develop PUBG PC Lite.

{Resources Consumed for Emulator itself + Resources for PUBG = Total Usage of CPU Resources and RAM also}

For PUBG PC LITE game it only need resources for Game.

Why PUBG PC lite instead of PUBG Emulator?

There are lots of reasons to play PUBG PC lite instead of playing PUBG emulators. Those who are PC game lovers will like the pubg pc lite version. There are some Key advantages to play pc lite.

  • PUBG lite is Free of Cost
  • Requires Less CPU usage than Emulator
  • Size is Small
  • High Ultra HD graphics mode
  • Less Lagging
  • Less heating of PC


Basically there are so much similarity in PUBG PC LITE and PUBG EMULATOR versions. But still they have so many differences which will make you play PUBG PC Lite instead of PUBG Emulator.


  • Optimized for PC
  • Less Lagging Problem
  • High Skills Required
  • No Need to Download the Emulator
  • Less PC heating
  • No foot prints
  • Less Difficulty While Playing and Recording both
  • Smooth Graphics
  • Need to login Every time
  • Live stream using Windows Xbox Recorder


  • NO HDR or ULTRA HD Mode
  • Not Optimized
  • Higher Lagging
  • Easy to Play
  • Need to download Emulator and Game Both
  • More PC Heating
  • Can See Foot Prints
  • Difficulty in Recording While playing.
  • Laggy Graphics over PC lite
  • Don’t need to login
  • Not Available

Advantages of PUBG PC lite over Emulator?

There are so many advantages of playing PUBG PC lite over Emulator’s gameplay. Some of the advantages are given below:

  • No lagging
  • No need of Emulator app
  • Optimized Resource usage
  • Only use System resources for game only.
  • Easy Live Streaming
  • Game play Recording
  • Daily Skins and Outfits for free
  • Lot more skins and tricks to come (Still In Development)
  • Exclusive Outfits and Skins by Daily Login
  • Bonus Points BP can be used for buying new OUTFITs.

Disadvantages of PUBG PC lite over Emulator?

  • Can’t play with PUBG Mobile players.
  • Can’t Play with PUBG Emulator players.
  • Still not having Global server i.e., You can’t play with other country for some days.
  • Gaming Control is Somewhat Different
  • No AUTOPICK for items on map.
  • Friendly Fire
  • You can knock your teammate using Car.

This are the main differences in PUBG PC lite vs PUBG Emulator gameplay. There is lots of advantages of PUBG PC lite over the PUBG Mobile Emulator. But also it has lots of disadvantages like no autopick and Friendly fire.

Lots of people like to play on emulator because the mobile players can play with emulator players. But in pubg pc lite you can never be match with mobile players. These differences will make you play pubg pc lite instead of playing pubg on emulators.


Overall controls of PUBG PC lite and Emulator is same but gameplay shows difference while playing.

  • No Autopick
  • No Footprints in Map
  • Window with glass Make sound
  • TPP to FPP switch using CTRL+V
  • No Auto Equipe
why pubg emulator player should play pubg lite

PUBG Lite is Optimized for PC

PUBG PC lite is launched officially for pc and can play without using any other Emulator. This make the PC consume less CPU resources as compare with Emulator. The Graphichs is also High in the PC lite over the emulator.

Low Competition

As it is releases few days ago it doest not have too much competition. You can train yourself now and can become pro while there is low competition.

ULTRA HD Graphics

PUBG PC Lite can be play on ULTRA HD graphics mode without having lag. But make sure your PC should complete Minimum Recommended System Requirements.

Friendly Fire

You can knock down your teammate using guns or Vehicles. So make sure to aim perfectly on the enemy and not on your teammate. If you knock down your teammate your ranking could be decrease or sometimes you could get temporary ban.

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Tell us in comments which is your favourite version? Mine is PUBG PC Lite version because it is fast, simple and graphics are awesome.

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