Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes: 3 Tricks (100% Working)

If you want to Unlock free PUBG mobile emotes these 3 tricks will help you for getting it. These will not require any VPN or software to download. These is 100% working method and work in any country like USA or Europe.

#1st and #2nd trick is free of cost for normal users and #3rd will work only for elite royal pass users. So keep reading carefully and don’t miss any of the step to unlock free pubg mobile emotes.

Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes

#1 Method

Season 8 has some major updates like you can get free emotes using the surprise box. For this you have to go to the Surprise box. To open the surprise box you have to complete Progress 10/10.

Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes: 3 Tricks
Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes

As shown in the Images, you have to go and complete the progress to open the surprise box.

Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes: 3 Tricks

Steps to get it done:

  1. Complete the Surprise Box Progress
  2. Open the Surprise Box
  3. Click on claim
  4. Done

#2nd Method

In second method you have to use your silver fragments. If you don’t have enough silver fragments, you can get it by dis-mentalling your unnecessary items to get free pubg mobile emotes. (veroinn.com)

Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes: 3 Tricks
First of all collect silver fragments.
Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes: 3 Tricks

With the help of these Silver Fragments you can Reedem the Free Emotes as given Above. Click on reedem and claim the Emote which is for lifetime validity. You will get so many other emotes after various coming soon updates.

#3rd Method (For RP users)

The above 2 methods are totally free but for this method you have to buy a RP elite pass. Although for the RP pass users, emotes can be unlocked by completing the daily missions.

Unlock Free PUBG Mobile Emotes: 3 Tricks

Some Emotes in Season 8 are from Season 2/Season 3 also for 40k BP Points. Just try to complete missions and you will get it.


After using all the methods you will have a decent collection of the emotes to impress your friends. These are safe tricks and doesn’t harm your rankings or the game in any way.

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Steps to Participate in RP GIVEAWAY CONTEST.

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Thank you for reading. Share if you liked and feel it informative. If you have suggestions or complaint comment down below.

Free pubg mobile emotes

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