Download PUBG Hack iOS/Android With Antiban (100% Working 2021)

If you are searching for PUBG hack iOS or Android then, you are at right place. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is becoming popular day by day. More than 100 Million players are active daily. Pubg is a shooting game in which 100 players are dropped on an Island to fight with each other. Those who survive till the end wins the game and get Winner winner chicken dinner.

As the game is becoming popular more and more peoples wants to win the game. Some peoples are very good at playing the game strategically. Some peoples who want to win the game in any way use PUBG Hacks. There are so many types of PUBG hacks in the game like Aimbot, Wallhacks, Speedhack, and Magic bullet hack.

PUBG speed hPubg Hack for IOS and android 0.14.0 update

Players can use the hack on iOS as well as Android mobiles. In this article, you are going to learn How can you use PUBG hack on iOS or Android. This method will not ban your PUBG account. Before learning how to hack PUBG Mobile iOS or Android. Check out the following types of PUBG hacks.

Types of PUBG hacks

  1. Wall-hack
  2. Aimbot
  3. No Recoil
  4. Flying Car
  5. High Jump
  6. Magic Bullet
  7. Speed Hack
  8. Anti-Ban Feature
  9. Speed-Shots
  10. No Footprints
  11. High Damage of enemies

PUBG Hack tools/Apk (Android)

  1. Walter Black Mod Apk (Only For Android,100% Working)
  2. PUBG Hacking Script From here.
  3. Game Guardian from here.
  4. Dual Space from here.
  5. Anti-Ban Host from here.
  6. Strange VPN APK from here.
  7. ZArchiever from Google Play Store

Download PUBG Mobile Hack Android

If you are using an Android device and want to use Aimbot and other hacks, I am going to tell you about that. To download the PUBG mobile hack android you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Download ZArchiever from play store and install it.
  2. Then extract the PUBG game hacking script on your file manager using ZArchiever.
  3. Then you have to open game guardian
  4. Then Open the PUBG Mobile game
  5. Open Strange VPN
  6. Now you have to Open DUAL SPACE to copy/clone the PUBG Mobile, Game guardian, and Hacking script.
  7. An important step, Open Game Guardian and select the hacking script to use.
  8. Last step, Open PUBG Mobile app in android
  9. You can choose the Game Guardian Floating Icon to Choose or change the hacking script.
  10. Thanks

Download PUBG Hack iOS (with No ban)

Thinking about using this PUBG hack in iOS devices, then don’t worry. Yes, you can use PUBG hack iOS without getting a ban. You don’t have to edit something or do anything suspicious. As the above topic is about android, Now I am going to tell you about How to use PUBG Hack iOS.

Most of the players are from USA and Uk countries uses iOS than the android devices. So if you are from these countries and have an iOS device then don’t worry. I am going to give you full guide for how to use PUBG hack for iOS.

If you want to use PUBG hack iOS devices then do these simple steps:

  1. Download this MOD Pubg Application
  2. Install in your iOS device
  3. Make sure to uninstall the original Pubg Application
  4. Open the app and sign in or use guest mode
  5. Kudos!! We are done!!
  6. Enjoy the game!

Looking for Best PUBG Hack?

These Pubg Hacks is exploited by Chinese hackers, exploiting the bugs and glitches of the game. These hackers change the code of the actual game code using the scripts. There are so many hacks which can make your chicken dinner easy. Some of the best PUBG hacks is given below:

#1 PUBG Aimbot for iOS and Android

What is Aimbot?

Aimbot is a hack in which player Aim is automatically get set for the target. The target can be Head of enemy, Body or leg of the enemy. If the player(hacker) shoots anywhere in the game, the aim will be shifted to the nearest enemy.

Pubg Aimbot Hack for iOS and Android
Pubg Aimbot Hack

How does Aimbot Works?

The Aimbot automatically aim for the target’s head or any particular body of the enemy. These do not require a server-side script to run. This hack is done by changing the game code on the device using hacking scripts. These are the most popular hack amongst all of the hacks. Hacker can hit the opponent enemy with Head-shots using these hack.

#2 Wall-Hack for iOS and Android

What is Wall-Hack in PUBG?

Wall-hack is a simple type of hack in PUBG which used to see through the walls. In this hack, Hacker can make the wall invisible to them but not to the opponent. Hacker can see the Bullets, Supplies, Vehicles and even Enemies through the Walls or Smoke using these hack. Moreover, this hack does not make them able to hit an opponent through the wall.

How Wall-Hack Works in PUBG?

The Wall-hack is done by reducing the opacity of the wall item, like website CSS and HTML. Making the opacity of the wall to 0% will make the wall invisible to the enemy. Moreover, this does not require any server-side coding or hacking attack. This hack will be invisible for the spectating enemy as well as PUBG admins. Some players use 10-20% opacity which makes the walls dimmer.

#3 PUBG No recoil Hack for iOS and Android

What is NO-recoil hack?

No recoil hack is a type of hack in which the recoil of the gun is absent. The hacker does not have any type of recoil while firing. So in this case, all the bullets will hit at the same place (if the target does not move). These increases the changes of getting two or more consecutive head-shots. In three or four head-shots of an AKM or M726 or m416 the opponent will get down.

How No recoil hack does work?

This is a type of hack which is done by entering the script in the game code. By editing the game code the initial recoil values of the weapon is reduced to 0% or 1% percent. Then the recoil or any gun like AKM or M726 which usually has high recoil, will not have any type of recoil.

#4 Flying Car for iOS and Android

What is the Flying Car Hack in PUBG?

The Flying Car is the hack in which the player can fly the car in the Air. The player can make the car JUMP above the buildings and rivers. The flying car hack is a simple device-side hack as you can see in the video above.

PUBG flying car hack ios and android .jpg
PUBG flying car hack

How does the Flying car hack work?

In the flying car hack, the player changes the initial spawning height above the ground of the game. These are done by changing the game code using the script and game guardian.

#5 High Jump for iOS and Android

What is High jump Hack?

The HIGH JUMP hack is very similar to the #flying_car hack. In this hack, the player can jump very high than the normal limit. The player can jump over the buildings easily or cross the river by jumping, this will not reduce the player’s health. Suppose if you see someone jumping very high they are using hacks for it.

Jump hack pubg mobile for ios

How does High Jump hack work?

As I told you earlier, these types of PUBG hack is not done by server-side. The person who hacks, just edit the code and changes the jumping limit and height. These coding can be edited using the hacking scripts. These type of hack is a detectable hack and you can get ban for it.

#6 Speed Hack for iOS and Android

What is Speed Hack?

The speed hack is a hack in which the speed of movement of the player or the vehicle is increased. The speed hacker can move faster than the normal speed. There is normally common hack in the pubg mobile as well as pubg pc. The PUBG fixes this hack, still, some player uses these hacks. The vehicle can get a speed around 200+km/h which is normally 130km/h to 140km/h. These can also use while sprinting or crouching.

How Speed hack work?

The speed hack is also done by the various malicious codes and scripts. These scripts change the speed limit of the player and their vehicles as well. This is a very popular type of hack which is detectable for the opponent as well as the PUBG hack management teams. However, you can still use for educational purpose by using free PUBG hack tools. We still recommend you to play the game fairly.

#7 Magic Bullet for iOS and Android

What is Magic Bullet?

The Magic bullet is the hack in which the bullet can penetrate the walls and hit the enemy. The bullet can go through the wall and hit the enemy normally. This is the reason it is called the MAGIC BULLET. The hacker can hit the opponent through the walls, trees, and any obstacles. However, the hacker can not penetrate two walls at a single time. So if you stuck down yourself in this condition while a hacker is an opponent, Step back yourself.

How Magic Bullet works?

I did not have full Idea of this hack, but as PUBG is an online server-based game. This hack is also device-based and can be detectable if someone is spectating you after you killed them. (

#8 Speed Shot for iOS and Android

What is Speed Shot hack in PUBG?

Have you ever noticed that it takes little time to travel the bullet from nozzle to the target? In the speed shot hack, the bullet moves way faster from source to its target. This is the most useful hack in the close intense fights. The speed shot hack can make the VSS bullet travel like and AWM bullet’s speed.

How does Speed Shot Hack work?

This is the type of hack which is same as the speed hack above mentioned. In this hack, the shot of the bullet travels faster than the original speed.

Why you should not use PUBG hack?

Even after banning over millions of hackers weekly, the hackers never stop hacking and playing. The Tencent is becoming strict day by day by banning hackers and suspicious players. There are some reasons for why you should not use hacks in PUBG?

  1. You can get yourself Banned for temporary or permanently
  2. Your skills will be lower down
  3. People will abuse you
  4. You will get bored by winning the game
  5. If once you get caught, you can’t participate in international tournaments

This is the possible results of hacking. If you want to create your career in the gaming and tournament, then you should avoid hacking. If you get caught once then you can get permanent ban for playing any international tournament which is officially organized by Tencent. We recommend you to play fairly and not to use hacks.

My Opinion

I know you are very excite to use PUBG hack in iOS or Android. But be carefully because, inspite of having lots of advantages like winning the game and boost your ranking it can get your account ban. So I would like to say that, If you want to become a professional gamer or make your career in the gaming. Then you should not use this types of PUBG hacks or bugs.

I have a story to tell you about one of my friend who uses the pubg mobile hack android. He uses these aimbots and wallhacks, once he was reported by his opponent. After that, he got his account ban for permanent. So use this PUBG hack in your new account. If you got your PUBG account banned then you can check a article about how to unban PUBG account?

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