Pubg Account Banned? Check Here Possible Reasons.

Pubg is becoming strict about the hackers/cheaters & throwing out the cheaters and bad players out. If you thinking your pubg account ban for no reason, check why your PUBG account banned? Check here the possible reasons and How to Re-activate it.

Pubg Account Banned? Check Here Possible Reasons.
Pubg Account Banned? Check Here Possible Reasons.

Many peoples complaining that their pubg account got banned for no reasons. There are so many possible reasons will is responsible for ban in your PUBG account. Here are the list of reasons responsible for account ban, You should avoid these reasons to keep your account safe.


Some players experience error that their pubg account banned for 3650 days. If you want to remove ban on pubg mobile keep reading below. Why your Pubg Account get banned? Check the possible reasons below.

Before that, you should know that ONLY HACKERS ARE NOT BANNED.

Reasons Behind PUBG account ban

  1. Using VPN Services/Application
  2. Third Party App
  3. Hacks Or Cheats
  4. Friendly Fire
  5. Teaming Up with Enemy
  6. Buying Items Using VPN tricks
  7. Buying items from Another Country
  8. Graphics Enhancer Applications
  9. Controller Applications

Using VPN Services/Application

If you are using VPN services to play the game or buy any free item. There is more chances that your account will get banned temporarily.

Third Party App

If you are using any third party app that interacts with pubg in any suspicious or doubtful way, your account will have more chances of banning.

Hacks Or Cheats

If you are using Hacks/Cheats like Aimbot, Wall-hack, Jump hack or Magic bullets, You will definitely got banned. PUBG is becoming strict on the hackers and cheaters. If you use hacks or cheats your account can get deleted permanently.

Friendly Fire

While playing when you accidentally knock down your teammate or kill them repeatedly, whether by mistake or accident you will get banned. If they report you for abusing or playing bad you may be banned from playing pubg for several days.

your rankings will go down.

Teaming Up with Enemy

Team up with opponent player can be one the reason of getting ban your pubg account. You should not team up with enemy or travel with enemy in the game. If someone report the pubg administrators, your account will get banned.

Buying Items Using VPN tricks

There are lots of tricks of buying items and skins from other countries, which requires VPN to pretend that you are from that country. This violates the terms and conditions of tencent policies. These can be one of the reason of getting banned from the pubg.

Buying items from Another Country

As mention in upper topic, Buying items from other countries which is not available in your country is not fair. You can get results like temporary banning your pubg account.

Graphics Enhancer Applications

If you are using applications like GFX tools and other graphics enhancer applications your account will be at risk. These applications interacts with the graphics and gaming processes which is suspicious activity.

Controller Applications

There are lots of applications in market to play pubg using triggers or controllers which requires application to install is risky. It can be one of the reason of getting your account ban.

How to Remove ban on PUBG?

If you want to remove ban on pubg mobile or pubg pc or pubg pc lite here are some pubg mobile banned error fix. If you don’t have any idea of why your account get banned. or you think your pubg mobile banned for no reason.

Here are some ways to unban your pubg account.

  1. Temporary ban like 2-3 days are lifted automatically, keep calm and wait.
  2. If ban time is more, you have to contact with the Support team.
How to Remove ban on PUBG?

How to prevent yourself from banning?

If you want to prevent your account from getting ban, there are few things which are helpful.

  • Play without any External Graphics Enhancer
  • Don’t Use VPN
  • Buy items available in your country only.
  • Not abuse in game.
  • Don’t Kill your teammate.
  • Don’t Use Hacks.


PUBG account ban fix?

If you want to reactivate your banned account. You should try submitting contact us form.

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41 thoughts on “Pubg Account Banned? Check Here Possible Reasons.”

  1. My account was opened by someone Then the same person would have hacked my Pubg or would have tried ND it’s banned for 10 years.
    And I’m totally innocent… Please help I want my account back

    • Sorry to hear that, you are supposed to not give your account details to any one in any case. Still We will try to unban you. thank you.

  2. Thank you for the article. I have been receiving bans for 10 mins because of Data Error with Client. Now the ban is 1 day. I read your article and I do not do any of the above. Can you please help me? Maybe there is a third app is doing the problem without me knowing. please help

  3. My name is atef I used VPN services to play the game or buy any free item. With out knowledge then my account had been banned for 10 years my id in pubg :5259514787
    I communicate with pubg alot by help center in pubg and email pubg but no answer . I wish to unban my account

  4. My account was opened by someone Then the same person would have hacked my Pubg or would have tried ND it’s banned for 10 years.
    And I’m totally innocent… Please help I want my account back..

    This option will happening with me again and again WHYYYYYY ????????????????

  5. I got a friend request from a random guy and I accepted it and I played with him in duo matches he was at silver 2 so I thaught of playing with a low tier guy will be a good thing while rank pushing bcoz the enimies will also easy to take down but I got banned for playing with a cheater it said but he didn’t done any suspicious activities while playing or haven’t even got more than 8 kills but I’ve been banned for 7 days. I have PMIT starting from today so is there any way I can retrieve back my account?

  6. Helo sir, my account was banned for 10 years. I don’t know why, I think that it was attacked by a virus because it was rebooted at the middle of the game and then when I tried to log in to PUBG account, there was a message saying that I’m banned for 10 years. My account name is AnthonyHawk. Please help me. Thanks

  7. Please unban my account being hacked by my haters to defame my game play… Please I didn’t even play it for week today when I opened It was banned please look after this pubg serive always love ur game

  8. Akun saya terbanned, padahal saya tidak memakai vpn, cheat ataupun aplikasi pihak ketiga, jadi berharap akun saya bisa dibuka lagi

  9. Hellow sir. I am Anand Baghwar from India. I play PUBG from season 2. I am
    bye rp last 2 seasons.Today my id was ban . Plz cheak this and give me back
    my id.. I am not hacker. ID name : NangapungaYT . ID code: 521329877

  10. Sir i have used hack and now my account is banned… Is there any way that i can open my account because i want player id of pubg friend

  11. My account has been banned from server for 10 years and i don’t know why banned cuz someone using my account to log in and use some hack tool or something. So can you have to recheck on this problem. My account id is 5230804043

  12. My account was opened by someone Then the same person would have hacked my Pubg or would have tried ND it’s banned for 10 years.
    And I’m totally innocent… Please help I wan

  13. you banned my account for ten year . yes, i accept , i hacked ,but you doesn’t give any warning ,sorry for that.
    i need my account back , i’ll pay fine

  14. Hello pubg!
    My pubg account name is ( Arıfdanısh )
    Its connect to my facebook account
    Facebook id ( Arif Danish )
    My email address is ( [email protected] )

    My pubg account was banned for 10 years
    I am not a cheater or hacker i dont use any app for this
    You can review my pubg account i am not cheater
    I dont use app like vpn or anything else

    Unbanned my pubg mobile account please
    I like my account and i love it
    You can review my account i dont use anything
    I send mail for tencent game and i could’not reacive answer

    Please unlock my account i am waiting for it

  15. Hi pubg customer support team i am a fair player my account was hacked and violated by some other that i really don’t know.

    I played pubg for 3 seasons with royal pass and now i have recovered my social media account and when i open pubg that shows my pubg account is banned for 10 years.

    Please help me to recover my account or reduce the banned period.

    • hello Naved, As per guidelines and terms you violated our terms and conditions. The possible reasons of banning is given in the article. Please wait while we investigate further. Thanks

  16. Hello Guys, need your help. I was in a middle of a match and got a promt saying that my account was revoked and banned for 10 years . Can u pls help? I’ve been playing this for over a year now. I’m just a casual player

  17. Banned without any reason.. I followed every rule and regulation carefully.. Even tried contacting customer service but no response..

  18. Sir plz i am really sorry i didn’t use any hack while playing game trust me please gimme a my account its very hard to make another account on Facebook .

  19. Respect to customer support, please help me! my network is super bad, but I still insist on playing, disconnected twice today because of 500ping, teammates see me is blinking, as a result, i was banned because of that. I’ve had a very low kda, never cheated, played for a few years, please help me. The account is very important to me, there are too many beautiful memories! I have spent a lot of time on it, and i didn’t cheat or vpn thing, i really love my account ,please unban me
    (my id is (5602108638), the version of the ios, Canadian applestore purchase software)
    I have depressive disorder,only when i play pubg mobile , i feel better.I didn’t do anything please check and unban me, this account contains all the friends i got,please don’t take me away from them ! please !
    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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