Best Ways to get PUBG UC Free Trick 2020 (Updated)

If you are looking for a PUBG UC Free trick, You are in the right place. Yes, You can get Free 1800 PUBG UC by this year trick in 2020 which is safe and free of cost. You can get Free UC just in seconds by doing the following steps.

Everyone wants free UC to buy PUBG Weapon Skins and Item Skins. To buy these premium items and skins, you have to purchase UC, which is basically the currency of the PUBG world.

I strongly Oppose any hack to earn UC or get you a chicken dinner. Here I am going to tell you some legal and working ways where you can earn a decent amount of money.

#1 Playing Online Tournaments

Use this 100% working method that I personally used to get 600+ UC money. This is a simple PUBG Tournament. Which has a daily contest of 100 – 200rs.

You can earn so much UC for free just by playing online tournaments. If you succeed to get a Chicken Dinner, you will get the prize i.e., Money or UC.

Some tournaments gives 5UC per kill, or less or more. But if you win the match you will get big prize or 2nd prize.

There are so many ways you can find the online PUBG tournaments. I am going to tell you some of the ways to find that.

  1. You can reach the local Instagram Pages, Facebook groups, or What’s App groups. Try to talk with them personally, and only participate when you have full trust in them.
  2. You can try Online Gaming Tournament Management Apps like GamingMonk, MPL, Dream11, and much more. But don’t install any fake app. Try to read reviews about them first.
Earn Free UC in PUBG using this trick.jpg
Earn Free UC in PUBG using this trick

3. You can reach out to the gaming tournaments nearby your home. You can search on Facebook for gaming events or Google Maps events section.

4. You can start your own tournament If you want to know how? Please read: How to start your Own PUBG tournament?

Example: How to Earn UC Through MPL?

Earn Free UC in PUBG using this trick.jpg
Prices of Online Tournament.

#2 Use cashback Offers

If you have a decent amount of account balance in your bank account, you can earn some decent amount of money. I am going to tell you how;

If you have any Mobile wallet App like; PhonePe, Paypal, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay, You can use them to get cashback.

Best Ways to get PUBG UC Free Trick 2020 (Updated)

Now someone will say, “Oh, that’s not enough for my royale pass!”. But let me tell you dude If you try to get cashback daily. You will earn 1800uc in 2-3 Months of season time.

If you refer them to a new customer, They will pay you a very interesting amount of money.

#3 Google Opinion Awards

Google Opinion Awards are the crowd-sourcing service by google. Google want some information in exchange of money. The information is not your private information, but the information about your local places and hobbies.

Free PUBG UC by Google opinion Rewards
Google opinion Rewards

#4 Participating In Giveaways

If you watch live streaming of YouTubers and Live Streamers, they always start giveaways to engage their audience. If you want to get FREE UC or Royale PASS, you can try participating in the giveaways

Some of the websites like Midasbuy also take giveaways. You can try checking your luck. Check Running Giveaways here

#5 Helping Someone to PUSH RANK

If you are a good PUBG Mobile Player, you can help peoples who are willing to push their rankings. If you help them to push the rank of them, you may ask a fee for it.

#6 Start Live Streaming

If your skills of Playing PUBG is better than normal players, you can start streaming. You can help peoples by telling them techniques of Rushing, Clutching and Winning the Match.

Once your viewership base increases, people will give you a super chat. This super chat is a gift from your fans to show you, love.

#7 Use Google Play Redeem Codes

I don’t know if you know about this or not, but Google will provide you some reedem codes to use the Google Play Payments. In the redeem code trick

In this trick, We are going to purchase PUBG UC FREE using the following simple tricks. Make sure you follow all the steps and methods carefully. There are three methods in which you can get this PUBG UC for free.

  1. Google Play Redeem Code Trick (Needs 4Rs for 60UC)

There is another PUBG mobile UC trick which is going to be the best PUBG mobile free UC trick you have ever seen. Lots of PUBG UC tricks can ban you from playing the game. But this trick is 101% safe and 100% working trick. In this you don’t have to pay a single penny, it is a totally free trick.

Play PUBG Tournaments Get UC

You can play tournaments to earn money from UC cash. For this, you have to look for the PUBG tournament going in your nearby areas. We are going to add a feature of PUBG tournament leagues. In which you can participate and earn money by killing the enemy or winning the game.

PUBG UC trick iOS

  • If you are using an iOS device, it will not have google play store to do the purchase.
  • In this case, you can get your friends mobile login your PUBG account and follow the procedure from method 1.
  • You can still use method 2 by installing it on Bluestack on your PC.

If you are looking for PUBG mobile 8000 UC trick, this trick is now not available. If you want the reason you can check it out below. If you are looking for PUBG UC trick code or PUBG UC buy trick VPN, Use the above simple methods to get it. You will find the following things in this article:

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What is UC trick for PUBG?

The UC tricks are already discussed above in this article. Please check all the details about getting free UC. Many of the people try to hack the game to increase their UC cash. But the truth is you can’t hack the game server. Sometimes due to some glitches and bugs, we can get some free UC cash, otherwise no.

Some days ago PUBG UC trick for google play has some error so that players can buy free 8100UC using google play store glitch. Many peoples use these glitch as an opportunity and purchased 8100 UC for Free. Later, after google and Tencent know about it PUBG 8000 UC trick got a ban. Due to this PUBG 8100 UC trick ban, lots of accounts got temporarily banned for 10 days. Google Rollover all the purchases happens during this glitch.

PUBG 8100 UC trick not working?

After rolling over the data, Tencent put a temporary ban on the players who used this trick. Then this glitch was fixed later. Now this PUBG 8100 UC trick does not work. But you can still use 1st and 2nd or 3rd method discussed above. The second method is my favorite method because it is totally free and safe.

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