Fix High Ping issue While connected WiFi while playing PUBG.

If you are experiencing high ping issues while playing on WiFi, I am going to tell you a solution that will definitely work.

Somedays also I also faced the same problem. But then trying various methods I have found the reason and solution for high ping issue while connected on WIFI.

Reasons for Ping Issue while using WiFi

In some conditions even if your WiFi has more speed it will not reach your mobile device. If you are using low-end device or mid-range smartphone you will encounter this high ping issue while using WiFi.

Here are the reasons for ping issue.

  1. Interference with Bluetooth
  2. Interference with NFC or Infrared
  3. Background WiFi Data usage
  4. Restriction or Blockage for WiFi Range
  5. WiFi band Setting
  6. Other Electromagnetic Interference

So What is Interference?

Fix High Ping issue While connected WiFi while playing PUBG.
Wifi signal and Bluetooth Signal

This is the main reason behind the high ping issue. The main culprit behind that is Interference with Bluetooth or NFC or other electromagnetic fields.

Solution for High Ping Issue while using WiFi

As I said above, I will tell you a solution and fix it for the High Ping Issue. You can also try methods to lower your ping.

1. Bluetooth Interference:

Turn off your Bluetooth. If you are using Bluetooth Headphones You can try using WiFi headphones. Because Bluetooth uses 2.5Ghz and WiFi uses both 2.5Ghz and 5.0Ghz.

These days WiFi devices use the Frequency Spread Spectrum method to avoid Bluetooth interference with WiFi.

Interference of WiFi with Bluetooth

2. NFC/Infrared Interference

Just close NFC and Infrared while using PUBG mobile. It will also make your game smoother and ping lower.

3. Background WiFi Data usage

Background Apps that use excessive WiFi data not good for your ping and gameplay also. You have to restrict this apps from using the WiFi background data.

For PC: Go to > Settings > Windows Update> Stop

Then Settings> Networks > Data usage> Restrict

For Mobile: Settings > Apps > Restrict Automatic updates and background data of unnecessary applications.

4. Obstacles Between Router and Device

If there is an obstacle between you and router then there will be a high ping issue. Try to minimize the obstacles and blockage between you and your router.

5. WiFi band Setting

There are two types of WiFi bands 2.5GHz and 5.0GHz. 5.0ghz will provide you higher speed and less range. While 2.5Ghz will provide less speed and long-range coverage.

6. Other Electromagnetic Interference

Some devices like your Dish Settop box or Bluetooth speakers can cause this interference. If your router is placed near this device which emits electromagnetic radiations, then it can affect your ping.


Will Bluetooth Increase Ping in PUBG?

Yes, Bluetooth Interfere with WiFi and Mobile network signal making them noisy. So that you will notice sudden high ping or server issues.
Check this Comment Thread you will Find Proofs.

How to use Bluetooth and WiFi at same time without high ping issue?

Nowadays manufacturers make this device using the FHSS method, This reduces the interference and make you use both networks at same time.

Will Bluetooth Affect WiFi and Ping in PUBG?

Yes, If you are using Bluetooth and WiFi at the same time you will encounter speed and Ping Issue. This is because WiFi and Bluetooth use the same frequency spectrum. Use new devices that will not make interference with networks.

My conclusion

If you are using a mid-range or lower-end smartphone you will face this interference problem. In Apple devices, new models use the FHSS method to avoid this interference issue. So if you are facing this problem just turn off the Bluetooth and use Wired headphones it will reduce the latency of WiFi.

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