PUBG Mobile Cheats & Hacks (100% Working)

Hello PUBG players, We received so many queries for PUBG Mobile Hack and PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes. People want to know about PUBG Hack free and How to hack the PUBG game. I am going to tell you about it in brief, keep reading.

PUBG mobile is now becoming popular more day by day. Everyone wants to reach the ACE and Conquerer tier in the game. “PUBG starts banning the cheaters“. Still, so many peoples use various scripts which is safe for them. (

PUBG Mobile Hacks And Cheat
PUBG Mobile Hacks; Source: Google

If you want to look at the Scripts the link is given below, you can download PUBG mobile hack free and check this out. Please note that You might get banned after using such scripts.

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Types of PUBG Cheats and Hacks:

  • Aimbot
  • Wallhack
  • Magic Bullet
  • Speed hack
  • ESP

These are some of the scripts developed by Chinese programmers. The Game Guardian and Vnhax also programmed this type of scripts.

Get it here (Download PUBG Walter ESP Hck Now)

PUBG Mobile Cheats

Here are some of the cheats which will help you to survive till the last circle. These cheats are tips which will be helpful in-game.

  • For Faster Sprinting, Put your Weapon on the back.
  • Instead of Using 3x Scope, Use 6x and Adjust 6x to 3x.
  • For Better Recoil Control, Use “PEEK AND SCOPE While SPRINTING“.
  • Use Smoke and Molotov at once, Enemy comes in smoke will get knocked.
  • Always set speakers to ALL, sometimes you can hear an enemy if they are camping and forgot to turn their mic to private.
  • Use Red-Dot for more viewing.

Hack PUBG mobile?

Hacking PUBG mobile is not an easy thing. So many players use scripts to cheat in the gameplay. I am going to tell you How they Hack PUBG mobile game.

The PUBG Mobile has game data saved on the mobile device. This data is the coding of the game on mobile.

“It is a little bit similar to the programming of PHP website, in which the variables can be changed just by editing the code”

Now, the hacker just creates a script that is used to change the “GAME DATA“. It takes just a few changes of the variables in the game data.

You can do these by using editors like GameGaurdian and LuckyPatcher. We recommend not to do it because PUBG will ban you immediately.

Yes, Some of the scripts of Pubg Mobile Cheat are available free of cost on the internet. You just have to download the script and use it.


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