PUBG Mobile India Release Date, Requirements, and Size

After several months of PUBG mobile ban in India, the PUBG mobile is ready to make an entry in Indian Gaming Industry. According to PUBG Corporation and Microsoft, the PUBG Mobile and Microsoft Azure collaborating together to bring the PUBG mobile back in India.

According to the PUBG Corporation, The Data transfer has been successfully completed on 24 November 2020. The remaining formalities will be done now and will take a short period of time. It means PUBG MOBILE India is likely to be released on 2 December 2020.

PUBG Mobile India Limited is registered under Subsidiary of Foreign Company PUBG Corporation and Krafton with CIN U72900KA2020FTC141285.

PUBG Mobile India registration details

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India Release Date, Requirements, and Size

Author: PUBG Corporation

Server Info: Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Release Date: 2 December 2020 (expected)

Game Size: 1.6GB with OBB

PUBG mobile India will be released specially for the Indian Players. Microsoft Azure confirms that, the player’s data will be stored inside the country and will be in safe hands.

Also, PUBG Mobile India Pvt. Ltd. has been registered as a legal Indian company. PUBG Mobile India office and headquarters are opening in Karnataka and Bengaluru.

PUBG Mobile India Requirement

Recommended Requirements

  1. 4GB RAM
  2. Android 9+
  3. 8 GB Free Space
  4. 8nm Chipset
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Minimum Requirements

  1. 3GB
  2. Android 8+
  3. 4GB Free Space
  4. 9nm Chipset
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PUBG Mobile India Release Date

The official release date is not confirmed by either PUBG corporation or Microsoft. But according to the Popular Gamers like Kronten and Maxtern confirmed that PUBG Mobile India is going to be released on 12 December 2020.

As the trailer is already released, in which Dynamo and Kronten are already waiting for the game. The game was set to be released this Diwali, but due to some legal issue of registration of the company the delay happened.

Maxtern’s Twitter post gives a hint that, 2 December is something special for PUBG Players.

Maxtern’s Twitter post gives a hint that, 2 December is something special for PUBG Players.

Pubg Mobile India beta version

The PUBG Mobile India version will be available for beta testing after 2 December 2020. Players have to register for beta testing on Google Play Store.

After Successful Beta Testing the Game will be launched officially on 12 December 2020. Steps to register for beta testing.

  1. Head over to Google play store
  2. Go to Krafton Publications
  3. Register for Beta testing.

Graphics and Outfits

The Graphics and Outfits of the PUBG Mobile India version will be the same as the earlier Chinese version. The character will come with the default outfits.

The Graphics are improved for the enhanced gaming performance. Also due to servers are located near the latency will be improved significantly.

Server Rules

Players now can’t select the desired server, the servers will be allocated automatically. There will be same servers i.e., KRJP, Europe, and Asia.

Most of peoples will ask that, Can we play with the players playing from other country. The answer is yes, You can play with players from other countries like China and USA. The Indian version will be compatible with the Global Version. (

Only point is to be noted that the both players should be in the same server.

Transfer of Data

The Transfer of players’ data was started on 2 November 2020 and done till 2 December 2020. The accounts of the PUBG mobile global version will be transferred to PUBG Mobile India.

Note: Only Global Version Accounts will be transferred to Indian version.

The data is already transferred, if you want to check just login in the Korean version of PUBG Mobile it will show you error like, ” Your Account has been transferred to PUBG Mobile India”.

If still, your account is Opening in the Korean version of PUBG Mobile, don’t worry it takes time to transfer the data and store it correctly. If your account is not transferred to the Indian version PUBG Mobile version the possible reasons may be as follows:

  1. You are registered in the Korean Version instead of the Global version.
  2. Note: Only Global version accounts will be transferred
  3. You used cheats and hacks
  4. Your country is not selected as India.
  5. You use a VPN to play Korean Version.


Should My Account will be deleted?

Don’t worry, as all the global version accounts will be transferred to Indian servers till 2 December 2020. PUBG Mobile already started moving the data to Indian servers, so your outfits and rankings will be safe.

How to transfer data to Indian version of PUBG?

The data will be automatically transferred till 12 December 2020

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