Jailbreak Roblox Codes (Updated 100% Working)

Welcome to PubgPClite.com, While playing Roblox you encounter the Jailbreak mission, don’t worry here are the Jailbreak Roblox codes which will help you to Jailbreak easily. It is a simple Roblox Jailbreak Hack that will be going to help in many ways.

This Roblox jailbreak codes can be used for Rob the jewellery store, redeem free cash in ATMs, Rewards, and Gifts.

Roblox Jailbreak Cheat Codes (List Updated)
Roblox Jailbreak Cheat Codes (List Updated)

Roblox is a platform created by gamers to introduce new ideas and develop new ideas for gamers. Roblox now becoming popular day by day and has total of 64 million active players with 178 total accounts created. The story of the game looks like GTA vice city but the graphics and Roblox community is bigger that it.

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Roblox Jailbreak Cheat Codes (List Updated)

There are 4 ATMs are available in the city one is near Gas station, Another is near Police station, One another is near Train Station, and one is near the bank. You can redeem free cash from any of this ATM using this Jailbreak Cheat codes. This Roblox cheat code hack will give tons of free cash and for that you don’t have to pay me single penny.

This can be used multiple times by players.

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Active Roblox Codes

  1. december – 5000 reward

Expired Roblox Codes (Some Still Works)

  1. FALL2020
  2. stayhealthy
  4. minimustang
  5. feb2020
  6. onehour
  7. Balance
  8. 5Days
  9. cargo
  10. countdown
  11. leaves 
  12. threebillionparty
  13. SuperReader
  14. refreshed 
  15. jetmissiles 
  16. reachforthesky – 7,500 Cash
  17. Facebook1000 – 5.000 Cash
  18. JAILBREAKHD – 3.000 Cash
  19. test – Expired: Yes
  20. THANKYOU – Reward: 2.500 Cash
  21. QUANTUM – Reward: 5.000 Cash
  22. LIGHT – Reward: 2.500 Cash
  23. EXPERTREADER – Reward: 5.000 Cash –
  24. ROYALE – Reward: 1 Royale Token
  25. FIREFIGHTER – Reward: 5.000 Cash
  26. MovieMint – Reward: 6.500 Cash
  27. DISCO – Reward: 7.000 Cash
  28. WEWILLTAKEOVEr – Reward: Armor and also Texture Skin
  29. SickDay – Reward: 8.000 Cash
  30. jailbreaktwoyears – Reward: 8.500 Cash
  31. TenK – Reward: 10,000 Cash

How to use Roblox Jailbreak Cheat Codes?

If you want to use this Roblox cheat code hack then you have to read this paragraph carefully. The Codes can be typed in Upper case as well as Lower case. The Jailbreak Cheat codes are not case sensitive.

Just go to the ATM and type this Cheat codes for extra benifits such as cash rewards and gifts.

If you want to know what is Roblox jailbreak you want check our another post on it.

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