How to Install PUBG PC lite in India After/Before Release

Hey guys welcome to this blog, I’ll show you on how you can easily download and play PUBG Pc Lite on your desktop or laptop without using any VPN softwares. check how to install the game by step by step.

How to Install PUBG PC lite in India

Now the process that I’m about to show you is very simple way and I’ll make sure to explain to you everything that we’ll be doing.

I need to say that my entire time that I spent on playing this game was a blast playing this game literally felt like I was playing a PC game.

The best part was that in my entire play that I didn’t encountered even a single bot so that made even a small encounter with the enemy memorable and unique. So now fasten your seat belts and get ready as this might be a bit long but in the end it’ll all be worth it.

PUBG PC lite Controls

The PUBG PC lite has the same controls like the PUBG PC version. Check this out how to play it?

PUBG PC lite Controls

Note: I hope that you already checked the Minimum and recommended hardware and Software requirements. You can check System Requirements here

I will explain you step by step the procedure of downloading and running the game. So please read carefully and don’t miss any step.

There are two main steps to download and install, Which is Creating account to PUBG and Setting up the Game.

Create a Account for PUBG PC lite

You have to create a PUBG account by registering on the website.

By clicking above you will see a registration form, just fill it up properly. Remember the username and password for logging in the game.

Create a Account for PUBG PC lite
Account Creation form

The next step is to download the setup of the installer and Vpn in case of before release.

Install the PUBG-Lite-Setup.exe

After account creation you have to download the setup file.exe and install it on your PC or laptop. It is very simple step and require no

After successful installation of the game, Open the game and login with your Username and Password we generated.

Note: If you are installing these before actual release in India, It will give you a error. You have to use VPN and connect to the Singapore server to play before release.

Before Release in India (Using VPN)

The PUBG PC Lite is still not release in India, moreover it is only released for some countries like china, Brazil and Thailand. Therefore the error occurs saying “Not available for your region.”

You can still install and play the game using VPN and just need a stable Internet connection and VPN service. You can find many premium and free VPN services. Download vpn here

Step 1) Go to PC Settings and Disable the “Auto Time Update

Step 2) Change timezone to Bangkok

Disable the "Auto Time Update"

Step 3) Open VPN application and Connect to Singapore server.

Step 4) Open the game: You will see a login screen

Step 5) Login with registered username and password.

Step 6) Start the download.

Still Confused? Watch this Video!

The game size is around 2.1 GB so keep the patience and wait until the download is done.

After Release in India

How to install after official release?

After release there is no need to use any type of VPN, So you can just simply skip the VPN and proceed without it.

You just have to install the Setup and Download the game. There is no need to change the date or the timezone after the official release of the pubg pc lite.

Errors while installing

  • Server are busy ( wait for some time)
  • These item is not for your region (use vpn)
  • MSVCP140.dll or Vcruntime140.dll missing error (Solved)
  • Directx not available ( Download from here)
  • Error loading msvcp140.dll

You can check the Software and Driver requirements read this: Software and Driver requirements for PUBG PC lite

I hope you understand how to install and play pubg pc lite in India on your laptop or PC.

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Thank you.

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      if still exists, then reinstall the launcher.

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