How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC using Pheonix OS?

Hello PUBG players, PUBG mobile is a very popular battleground game that is free of cost. The popularity can be predicted from the number of smartphone usage increased only for gaming. People actually started to purchase a good gaming phone to play PUBG mobile. Most players don’t have a high-end gaming phone or tablet, they usually get ended up purchasing a gaming phone.

But hey, you don’t have to buy a gaming phone if you have a decent laptop or computer. You can just play PUBG mobile on your computer with at least 4GB of RAM very smoothly. You don’t have to pay a single penny for this.

By installing PheonixOS on your PC or laptop you can play PUBG mobile very easily and smoothly. To download and know the installation process please read the full article below.

How to install PUBG mobile on PheonixOS?

I am going to tell you the procedure for installing and playing PUBG mobile on PheonixOS. The PheonixOS is a Linux based OS which is designed for PC and Laptops and run on Android kernel. To install PheonixOS on your windows PC you should have sufficient storage nearby 20Gb or 30Gb. Then follow some simple steps to install PheonixOS.

install PUBG mobile on PheonixOS
How to install PUBG mobile on PheonixOS?
Installing Pheonix On PC.
  1. Download the PheonixOS Exe Installer file from here.
  2. Then run as administrator.
  3. Then Select a drive partition to be used
  4. Select the storage
  5. Click on install.
  6. Then Reboot your PC
  7. Choose a PheonixOS
  8. And Setup some settings.

Now installing PUBG Mobile

It is very simple, you have to copy from mobile or download APK + OBB file from here. After Downloading the file, Reboot the PC in Windows Mode. And follow simple steps.

  1. Reboot PC using Windows OS.
  2. Then Copy the APK + OBB folder to your PC. (Make sure to remember the name of the folder you copied the file)
  3. Then Reboot into Pheonix OS again.
  4. Find/Locate the APK and OBB you are just pasted in step no. 2.
  5. Then copy and paste the OBB folder “com.Tencent.og” into main storage.
  6. Then click on APK and install the APK file.
  7. Update the game with a little bit of data.
  8. and then just play the game.
Now installing PUBG Mobile on linux pc ubuntu

Watch Video Tutorial


Google play services missing?

Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play. If this is missing then it could throw a error. In this case you have to download the Google Play Services

Download the Google Play Services from APKMirror or any other trusted source.

Wifi & Ethernet Not Working?

If WIFI and Ethernet is not working on your PheonixOS then it should be some temporary error. The simplest solution is restarting your PC. If this also does not work then you have to reinstall PheonixOS’s latest version.

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