How to Become ‘Conqueror’ In PUBG Mobile? Best and Safe Way!

Hey folks, I hope you looking for ‘How to become a conqueror in PUBG Mobile’. PUBG mobile is now the most trending Online multiplayer game that has been played by millions of players. I am going to tell you how to make it.

PUBG mobile is now very famous and everyone wants to reach the highest tier. But because of competition, it is very tough to reach the Conqueror tier. But somehow I managed to do that and Become Conqueror in season 12.

How many points do you need?

Generally, you need 4200 points to reach an ACE tier. But in the case of the conquerer, the scene is a little different.

You have to earn points so that you can be in the Top 500 in the world. So approximately you will need 5800 Points to be in the Conqueror tier.

  • For Squad you need 5800+ rating (ASIA)
  • For Solo & Duo, you need 4700+ rating (ASIA)

See Duo is easy to PUSH rank.

So, You to gain +20 points in 100 matches (by ending in top 10) to reach Conquerer from ACE tier.

Once you become the top 500 point earner you will become conquerer.

My Journey to Conqueror

How to Become 'Conqueror' In PUBG Mobile? Best and Safe Way!

I reached conquerer in season 12 by playing in Miramar in DUO mode. I choose the Asia server because it gives me a very low ping.

I Used to land far away from the plane path. I complete my loot first, in that time half of the enemies is already killed by other enemies.

What does it take to Become Conquerer?

First of all, we need to understand the points and rankings. In order to become conquerer all the things matter which are MAPs, Server and TPP/FPP mode.

Firstly, you have to choose a server which has very low ping. This is very important in order to play safe.

Then second thing is to choose FPP/TPP mode. I prefer FPP mode because of most of the professional players plays in TPP Mode. So if you choose FPP there will be less competition.

Third thing is, You have to choose an easy map like Sanhok. Because you can just prone and wait for enemies to come and then you can kill them.

Lastly, I will prefer you to choose ‘Duo Mode‘ instead of ‘Squad or Solo Mode’. Take an obeying teammate which will follow your order strictly. It is very easy to fight Solo vs duo or Duo vs Duo.

Best Strategy for Rank Pushing

My personal strategy is very effective for me for season 12. If you follow this strategy from the very beginning then you will reach the conquerer tier very fast.

Strategy 1: Land far away from the plane path, take a vehicle and go far away.

By doing this, when you complete your loot half of the players are killed already. This eventually takes you in the top 10.

Strategy 2: Flank-Flank and Flank, Learn to flank and surprise the enemy. Ask your team player to keep the enemy engage in a fight.

Strategy 3: Keep eye on the zone, and Try to be in zone first. Try to do heal battle.

How to Become Conquerer in PUBG Mobile

I am not a professional player, I play games for my personal happiness. I think this PUBG game is about surviving until the end. It doesn’t matter you camp or prone till the end.

I know it is bad. But if you want to reach the ‘Conqueror Tier’ you have to do a little sacrifice.

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