Free Valorant PC alternatives for low-end machines

Valorant is a recently released free to play shooting game whose active users are growing day by day. The game instantly become popular after it’s official launch. According to the gaming community, the Valorant is similar to the popular game Counterstrike in terms of gameplay and strategy. Welcome to PUBGPCLITE.COM.

Now the important question for most players is that, “Should I play it on my low-end PC?” The answer is NO, but what should be the minimum requirements then? Basically Valorant PC need at least 8GB RAM and a decent gaming PC. See the full specifications also minimum and recommended requirements here.

Now, if the answer is clearly no that means you can’t play the Valorant PC game on your low-end PC. It should be at least 8GB ram and an i5 Intel processor. So another option to experience the same gaming experience on your low-end PC is to use alternatives which is the game as the Valorant PC for free. Here are the games like Valorant for low-end pc.

Valorant Alternatives for low-end PC free

This gift is for players like me who have a low-end PC and want to play games like Valorant on it for free. Basically, you can’t play Valorant directly but you can have the same experience by playing these games like valorant for low-end pc here.

Also with lower Game size this below will be the suitable games for you.

1. Counter-Strike (GO)

Counter-Strike is a very old game than Valorant. Actually, the Valorant is based on the game play and structure flow of Counter-Strike. You can play Counter Strike Global Offence on PC. You can download Counter-Strike Global Offence from their official site or torrent.

Free Valorant PC alternatives for low-end machines

I recommend you to get it from the official site and play it genuinely. If you still want to download the game and want to know how to check this.

2. Call of Duty Mobile on PC using Emulator

Call of Duty is one of the most popular games of the time till now. According to Brobible, Call Of Duty Has Been Played For 25 Billion Hours. If you want to have the same game play like this you can download Call of Duty Mobile for free on PC using Emulators like Bluestack and Noxplayers.

3. Team Fortress 2

It is a free game available on the Steam store and requires very low specifications. You can play it on integrated Intel graphics also. It can run on an Intel i3 processor with 4GB DDR3 RAM. So, in short, you should try this game.

4. Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter is one of my favorite games to date. It is a game like a Counter-Strike but the map is different. You can download and experience similar gameplay on it. It only requires 4GB of DDR3 RAM with a decent processor.

5. Shadow War Gun Mobile on PC using Emulator

This game is available for mobile-only you can find it out on Playstore. But if want to play it on PC you can do it using Android emulators like Bluestacks or Noxplayers. This is similar to the Valorant PC and key point is that it is free.


I think that playing every game is equal for a real gamer. If anyone is real gamer he can play every game. But if you want to experience the gameplay of Valorant on your low-end pc, it is better to have some adjustment. After all it is only a game and you don’t have to worry about it. Download all the games listed above check which satisfies your need of Valorant on your low RAM pc. That’s it for all Guys.

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