Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile Layouts (Updated)

Hello PUBG Players, Most of the peoples asking for Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile Layout. I am going to tell you “Best Control Layout For PUBG Mobile” which is going to very helpful for improving your gameplay like a Proplayer.

4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile Layouts

Everyone wants to play like a Pro-player but they don’t know that Pro-players use More than 2 fingers for there game. You have to use your more than 2 fingers for Multi-tasking.

It takes so much time to master this setup. For a few days, your index finger may feel some pain. But after some days of using this setup, you will start feeling 4 fingers claw Pubg mobile layout setup more comfortable than other setups.

4 Finger Claw Layout Advantages

There are so many advantages of using more than 2 fingers. Some of the Advantages that I have experience is like as follows:

  • Multi-tasking is possible.
  • We can peek and fire, Crouch and fire and many more.
  • If you master these setup your gameplay will be much better than the 2 fingers normal game-play.

Mortal’s 4 Finger Claw PUBG Mobile

One of the best PUBG player Naman Mathur also known as MORTAL (One of TOP 10 Pubg Mobile Players in India) also uses 4 finger Claw setup using Mobile. Earlier he uses to play on iPad, after that he started using the Mobile device.

As most of the other PUBG players asking Mortal’s 4 Finger claw setup of the layout. Commenting about “How Mortal Plays on 4 finger Claw Setup?”. That is why I am going to tell you about Mortal’s 4 Finger Claw Layout.

Mortal's 4 Finger Claw PUBG Mobile

Keypoints to obverse about this layout:

  • Multi-Function Controlling
  • You can use the left index finger to shoot while;
  • Peeking – Scoping – or Jumping with Right index finger.
  • Sprinting Lock‘ is reduced to low, for faster moving ease.
  • You can fire and move – while crouching – and peeking.
  • There is no need to use ‘Gyro’.
Mortal's 4 Finger Claw PUBG Mobile
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Mortal’s brilliant strategies and Customised controls make him a better player than others. If you want to see how to set up this kind of layout check below.

“Fact: It takes 21 days to fully master any controls.”

I am going to show you some of the other My favorite and Best suited layout for 4 finger claw users.

Best 4 Finger Claw Layout

#1 Left Fire

4 Finger Claw Layout

#2 Left Fire

4 Finger Claw Layout Setup

#3 Right Fire

Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile Layouts (Updated)

#4 Right Fire

Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile Layouts (Updated)

Streamers Who use 4 Finger Claw

Not only Mortal but also so many streamers uses 4 finger claw setup. Some of them also played PMCO with these setups.

  • Mortal
  • SoulViper
  • Maxtern
  • 8bit Rav3n
  • Soul Regaltos


If you asking that “Is 4 finger claw setup help to become you pro game player?” then I would say, yes. You can definitely improve your gameplay by using this setup. Afterall the result is depended upon your playing strategy. But it will definitely help you to get a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

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