Apex Legend Mobile Release Dates & Available Countries (100%)

Hello Guys APEX Legends Mobile is ready to set the gaming world on fire. The gaming company EA games is going to bring mobile version of the very popular game APEX legends. It is basically a shooting survival battleground game. With the amazing weapons, game-play, and graphics it will surely brings the attention of mobile gamers. Check out the Apex Legends Mobile release date and available countries list.

Friends, you must have heard the name of the game Apex Legends. This is a battleground game which is becoming famous day by day, although it is PC game but its Mobile version is ready for the launch. Those who loves battleground games will definitely going to have fun with this.

Apex Legend Mobile version official release date
Apex Legends Mobile version

Finally leading Game company confirms the release of APEX Legends Mobile version which is going to be release on 9 November 2019. It is the mobile version of the very well known game APEX Legends PC.

What is Apex Legends Mobile?

If you like to play battleground games, Apex Legends Mobile is ready to make you addicted. Apex legends is a very popular PC battleground game and Apex Legends Mobile will the same Mobile version of it. EA (Electronic Arts) Games confirms that the mobile version is ready for the players and will release it on Appstores and Play store.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Dates

When it will Launch in US, UK and Canada?

If you are a player from USA, UK and Canada be ready to experience a amazing quality of battleground game. EA Games confirms to release APEX Legends Mobile on 30 September 2019 for USA, UK, and Canada. The beta testing will be start between 25 September to 30 September. You can check How to download this game or you can register here for Beta testing.

How to Download APEX Legend Mobile on Emulator?

When it will Launch in India?

If you are from India, you have to wait a little longer time. The Game will be directly release on Google Play Store as well as App Store. The Apex Legends Mobile version official release date is 9 November 2019. The Beta testing date will be announced here.

Apex Legend Mobile version official release date India
Apex Legends Mobile version official release date

If you want to play during beta testing on android you have to register for beta testing. You can also play Apex legends on Emulator. You have to read this article How to Play Apex Legends Mobile On Emulator.

Yes, EA games will announce the beta testing dates for United Arab Emirats also. Although Apex Legend Mobile will likely to release on 11 November 2019 in UAE. If you want to register for beta testing you can check the information given above.

No, you can not play Apex Legends Mobile on 2GB or less RAM Mobile devices. Even if you manage to install and run it will crash the system. You need minimum 4GB RAM device for APEX legend Mobile to run smoothly.

You can play Apex Legends Mobile in iPhone 5 and 6, but it will lag like hell and crash your system.

APEX legends Mobile is going to release on 11 November 2019 for iOS devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and above. You can also play it on an iPad or Macbook. To play APEX Legends on mobile check here.

Apex Legends Available country List

Apex Legends mobile available countries list is here. Check for your country below. Apex Legends Mobile is will be officially available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand for beta testing in last week of September 2019.

Country Name Availability Release date
Bangladesh Beta Test 11 November 2019
9 Brunei Beta Test 11 November 2019
Cambodia Beta Test 11 November 2019
Laos Beta Test 11 November 2019
Myanmar NOT Announced 11 November 2019
Indonesia NOT Announced Approx November
Malaysia NOT Announced Approx November
Philippines NOT Announced November 2019
Singapore NOT Announced September 2019
Thailand YES 14 February
Taiwan YES September 2019
Hongkong YES September 2019
Macau  YES September 2019
Brazil  YES November 2019
Turkey  YES November 2019
Afghanistan NO Get Notified
Bhutan NO Get Notified
India Beta Test 11 November
Maldives NO Get Notified
Nepal NO Get Notified
Pakistan NO Get Notified
Sri Lanka NO Get Notified
Algeria NO Get Notified
Azerbaijan NO Get Notified
Bahrain NO Get Notified
Egypt NO Get Notified
Iraq NO Get Notified
Morocco NO Get Notified
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya NO Get Notified
Israel NO Get Notified
Jordan NO Get Notified
Kuwait NO Get Notified
Lebanon NO Get Notified
Oman NO Get Notified
Palestine NO Get Notified
Qatar NO Get Notified
Saudi Arabia NO Get Notified
Syrian Arab Republic NO Get Notified
Tunisia NO Get Notified
United Arab Emirates NO Get Notified
Yemen NO  
Anguilla NO  
Argentina NO  
Bahamas NO  
Aruba NO  
Barbados NO  
Bolivia NO  
Belize NO  
Cayman Islands NO  
Suriname NO  
Virgin Islands NO  
Trinidad and Tobago NO  
Uruguay NO  
Saint Lucia NO  
Puerto Rico NO  
Peru NO  
Dominica NO  
French Guiana NO  
El Salvador NO  
Ecuador NO  
Dominican Republic NO  
Costa Rica NO  
Colombia NO  
Paraguay NO  
Panama NO  
Mexico NO  
Martinique NO  
Jamaica NO  
Honduras NO  
Haiti NO  
Guyana NO  
Guatemala NO  
Grenada NO  
Chile NO

APEX Legends Mobile is Expanding their player base all over the world and releasing for Mobile users. The Mobile version will be same like PC but users can play it on Mobile devices.

However this version is still not available for all countries as the beta test is running. After the successful beta testing the APEX Legends Mobile will be officially launched for all the users to download.

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