Among US Controls PC/iOS/Mobile

Do you just Download Among Us and wondering how to play it? Also want to know “Among US controls for PC?”, don’t worry here are the Guide for Among US controls for PC and Mobile. Among us becoming popular day by day and new players are playing this game but don’t know how to play it.

Among Us is a multiplayer online game in which crewmembers are sent to space for a mission, if 10 crewmembers are sent then 2-3 among those are imposters. The meaning of imposters in Among us game is Duplicate or Enemy in disguise.

Among US Controls PC_iOS_Mobile full guide

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Among Us Controls PC/Emulator

  1. Movement (Right hand) – Arrows
  2. Movement (Left hand) – W, A, S, D
  3. Kill imposter/member – Q
  4. Report Body – R
  5. Mouse to Movement and Select Options
  6. ALT + Enter – Fullscreen
  7. TAB – Toggle Map

Instead of pressing the USE button on the screen with your mouse, you can press the E key on your keyboard to also activate the use button as shown.

You can press in SPACEBAR you’re going to be able to use E key the button whenever you’re trying to complete a task or if you’re trying to activate a meeting as a crew member and the same goes for an imposter.

An imposter can activate an emergency meeting with the use E key button hotkey, but the imposter isn’t gonna be completing tasks. So instead then posture has the sabotage button in the bottom right corner of the screen or the use vent button in the bottom right corner of the screen and both of these can once again be activated by clicking in either E or SPACEBAR as can be seen that pulls up the sabotage map and then if you’re next to event press E or SPACEBAR and then you jump in the vent

The next hotkey button we’re going to talk about is the KILL BUTTON. once you’re close enough to somebody that you can KILL, you’re going to press the Q key. Following up with this the hotkey for reporting a dead body is going to be the R key and then the hotkey for opening the map is the TAB key.

Among US Controls Mobile

Playing Among Us on mobile is very easy as compared to PC. The controls of Among Us Mobile is easier than the Among Us PC Controls.

Among US Controls PC_iOS_Mobile (1)
Among US Controls Mobile

You have to use the left thumb for movement and the right thumb for other features. Kill and Report are situated at the right corner. Map and settings are situated at the top corner in right.

How to Kill in Among Us PC.

You can Kill in among us using Q key. Also you can report it by Q key.

Shortcut for Map toggle in Among Us

You can toggle Map using TAB key.

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